Introducing What’s Next!

What’s Next! is a podcast that features conversation about technology and how it affects our lives at work and our lives at home Hosts James Ogden and Vincent Lowe visit with selected Technology Thought Leaders and discuss various aspects of technology and where they will lead us in the future. No area of technology is left out, but particular attention is paid to IT, robotics, communication, social networking, mobile services, and autonomous transportation. Look for the program to publish twice monthly with archival programs available on (some platform to be Read More

Introducing Voices Unchained

Voices Unchained is a weekly radio program that showcases music and interviews with independent musicians and performers.It airs first on WHIP radio and some excerpts are released on Soundcloud and Facebook after the show.The show is primarily composed of tracks from a selection of seasoned musicians and is constantly expanding by making deals with new artists.

Introducing Be My Guest

Be My Guest was created to showcase talented musicians, filmmakers, writers, and performers.Anchored by the Outta the Sandbox Players comedy troupe, and produced by the owner/pranksters at PanReality Media, the show consists of two seasons. Each season consists of six shows filled with short film, musical performances, and sketch comedy. Much of the content is animated using machinima.The third season is currently being produced and should be available in the first half of 2017